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El Eden Ecological Reserve


The whole area has been revealed as an important rural settlement of the ancient Mayas. The presence of the largest freshwater wetlands in the northern part of the Peninsula in an area inhabited by the ancient Mayas provides a unique opportunity to understand the management of resources over time in a unique environment. Recent discoveries by the archaeological research team in El Eden suggest the presence of a complex system of rocky alignments (dams) in wetlands. This is an indication that the ancient Maya were handling the wetlands. However, we still do not know the purpose of these dikes. The following projects will continue to work on the basic description of archaeological elements and settlements throughout the region and will experiment with different hypotheses on the management of wetlands by the ancient Maya. Paleolimnological studies in "natural wells" are being carried out as well. A restoration project will be attempted based on the hypothesis of the uses of this ancient wetland management system.

"Ancient Maya Use of Wetlands in the Yalahau Region of Northern Quintana Roo"

Dr. Scott L. Fedick

"The El Edén Settlement Survey"

Dr. Bethany A. Morrison

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